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A rental contract is a legally binding document between you and your Landlord. The agreement is legally enforceable under German law.

The elements of a legally binding contract are:

(1) offer

(2) acceptance

(3) consideration

(4) mutuality of obligation

(5) competency and capacity, and, in housing within Germany

(6) a written instrument

Did you know: The Legal Office has developed a contract specifically for use in the KMC. The 86th Civil Engineer Squadron Housing Flight’s Housing Referral Section (HRO) reviews and acknowledges the rental contract. The HRO team certifies that personnel have accepted a unit for occupancy, but the HRO is not party to the terms of the contract.

HRO personnel are available to assist with verbal translation services and mediation of landlord/tenant disputes. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved, you may be referred to the Legal Office for guidance. Disputes that cannot be resolved through assisted mediation must be resolved through the German legal system. You are responsible for all necessary actions. The Housing Referral Office cannot provide legal advice or enforce German rental laws.

KEY FACT: Under German law, giving notice of any termination, with or without sufficient notice, must be in writing. Providing notice verbally, by email or fax is insufficient. A contract may be terminated by either party without a notice period, provided there is serious misconduct. An example of serious misconduct is when the tenant is behind on at least two month’s rent.

For housing questions and/or concerns, please call:

Housing Referral Section (HRO):

DSN 489-6643/6659/Comm: 0631-536-6643/0631-536-6659


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