The Housing Hype

Termination of military family housing

Giving Notice: The best time to start thinking about moving out is when you are moving in. A 40-day notice is required prior to vacating your quarters.

Final housing inspections

The myth of the housing office performing a white glove inspection is non-existent. However, the house and ground must be clean and in a fire safe/environmentally sound condition. In reality, your final inspection should ensure that the standards of cleanliness are met and identify possible maintenance needs.

Requesting self-help work

All self-help work requires completion of an Air Force Form 332, Base Civil Engineer Work Order Request, and is coordinated with the Military Family Housing Flight, Facilities Section, then submitted to the 86th Civil Engineer Customer Service Office.

Swimming/wading pools

Swimming Pools are not authorized. Wading pools can be used, provided they will not exceed a maximum size of 5 feet in diameter. Water depth will not be greater than 8 inches. Always remember, while children are playing, adults must be present…when not in use the wading pool water must be completely emptied.


On-base parking of privately-owned vehicles will be in garages, driveways, carports, or identified authorized parking areas only.


Be reasonable and considerate and talk to your neighbor when problems or misunderstanding occurs. If you and your neighbor can’t come to a final solution or understanding, you can contact the MHO Facility Office for assistance. (DSN: 314-489-7108 – Commercial: 0631-536-7108)


Owning a pet on a military installation is a privilege, not a right. You must ensure cleanliness of your pet’s area to control and prevent vermin infestation. Feces in your yard must be picked up daily or  while walking your pet. Please clean up any mess that your companion may have made!

Barbecue grills

Barbecue grills must be gas only.

Smoke detectors

Inspection of smoke detectors will be performed at the initial inspection of your quarters by a housing maintenance contractor. You should perform an operational test periodically, preferably once a month.

Damages to quarters

Damages to quarters beyond reasonable wear and tear are occupant’s responsibility. Repairs/replacements must meet Air Force standards. The Housing Office can fully explain your option to repair/replace damaged items and the method of payment.


Solicitation is not permitted on an Air Force installation. Please keep in mind, before soliciting or advertising on-base, a person or business must obtain written permission from the KMC Housing Office (as an exception to policy.)

Landlord rental law (off-base)

Landlords in Germany have the right to choose their tenants based on personal preference. A landlord or property manager may interview potential tenants and then choose their tenants.

Quiet hours (off-base)

German law places limits on noise levels. Evening quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Daytime quiet hours are from 1–3 p.m.

On Sundays and German federal holidays, quiet hours are 24 hours – all day and night.

For any other housing questions/concerns, please email or call:

Assistance section:  DSN: 314-489-6672 – Commercial: 0631-536-6672

Facilities section on-base: DSN: 314-489-7108 – Commercial: 0631-536-7108

Furnishings management section: DSN: 314-489-6001 – Commercial: 0631-536-6001

Housing referral office off-base: DSN: 314-489-6643/6659 – Commercial: 0631-536-6643/6659

Unaccompanied housing DORMS: DSN: 314-480-3676 (480-Dorm) – Commercial: 06371-47-3676

The KMC Family Housing team is in the business of 100% “Customer Satisfaction!”