Three generations visit Sembach

***image1***Ramstein Inns does not keep Guinness book type statistics, but a recent check-in at Sembach Lodging may just have qualified to have set a local record, or two.

Alberto Palpallatoc, Sr., retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant, arrived in the KMC to kick off his “Memorial European Tour.” Accompanying  Alberto, Sr. were his son Alberto, Jr., his wife Herminia, and his daughter, Heidi.

So what’s record shattering about that? Alberto, Sr. is a very spry 95 years old, and three generations of the Palpallatocs checked in at the same time.

Alberto, Sr. started his Army career as a Philippine scout, later serving with the U.S. Airborne during World War II and the Korean War. He was stationed in Germany in 1952 and said he looks forward to a new year for a “wild double celebration.”

Alberto, Jr., also a U.S. Army retiree, had been stationed in Stuttgart, Germany.
The family revisited Germany and then headed to France and Italy, before returning to San Leandro, Calif.

And, of course, Alberto, Sr. was asked the inevitable question as to what he attributed his good health at his age. “Milk and beer,” he said. The photographer along with the writer of this story, ages 72 and 81 respectively, both lodging employees, were last seen at the Sembach Shoppette loading up on milk and beer.

(Courtesy of Ramstein Inns on Sembach)