Through the grapevine

by Amie LaSalvia Contributing writer

It’s no big secret that Germany is known for its great beers, but not many people know that Germany has some amazing wines and host a lot of great wine festivals that go on during the summertime. If you are a wine lover or just wanting to explore and check out some great festivals here are a few that would be great for you.

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Wine Festival in St. Martin

Weinfest in der Pergola, St. Martin, Haus am Weinberg:
July 7 to 12

St. Martin is located about 1 hour away from Ramstein. Each year they host an exquisite wine festival. The wine festival itself is celebrated at 430 meters above sea level which makes it the highest situated wine fest of the Palatine. The festival is hosted in a vineyard and accommodates space for around 1,000 people. Why not enjoy a day or two of learning and tasting different wines along with enjoying the music and fun that this festival has to offer. For more information, visit

Hallgarten Winzerfest

Hallgarten, 65375 Oestrich Winkel, July 31 to Aug. 3

Every year on the first weekend of August, the Hallgaten Winzerfest takes place. The festival itself may be small, but the atmosphere is fairly large with eight different wine stands and a winey that gives it’s guests  plenty of great wines to taste. Guests can speak to all the vinters from around Hallgarten about their delicious wines and how they are made. The festival will be held in the open air of the market where not only can guests taste wine, but they can enjoy an array of different musical performances. For more information, visit

Veldenz, Mosel Wine Festival 

  Gestade 6, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues July 24 to 26

Nestled in one of the most beautiful valleya along the Moselle is Veldenz. Veldenz is surrounded by sloping vineyards and fantastic wineries. During the last weekend of July, Veldenz hosts their annual Wine festival where local vineyards showcase their finest wines in the beautiful town of Bernkastel-Kues, located right along the river. Guest will get the chance to taste famous middle Moselle wines and see the rustic winery cellars. This festival is not only for wine lovers to relish in, but also great for the whole family. During the day, there is a fair where lots of fun can be had and at night the family can enjoy the lovely firework display along the river. For more information please visit

Wine and Sekt Symposium

Wein- und Sektsymposium. Herxheim am Berg, Schloßgarten: July 10 to 12 

This beautiful wine festival is held in Herxheim am Berg, about a 45-minute drive from Ramstein. Held in a former castle garden, this wine festival is said to be one of the most beautiful places, having great views of the Rheinland plain. It is one of the many wine festivals along the German wine route. There is something truly special about this wine festival ― it not only offers great wine tasting and a great atmosphere, it offers food that you may never eat at any other wine festival. For more information, visit

Historical Wine Festival in Heimersheim

Martina Krupp, Max Planck.Str. 33, 53474 Ahrweiler, Aug. 17 to 19

This year during the month of August Heimersheim hosts its 20th Historical wine festival. Guests should expect lots of music, juggling, medieval knights and plenty of tomfoolery. Among the highlights are the crowning of the wine queen, the grand festival parade and the medieval music. Heimersheim wine fest has three days of jam-packed fun for the whole family. The town is surrounded by vineyards and offers its visitors fine food and excellent wines in a fantastic historical setting. For more information, visit

 Bad Neuenahr Burgundy Wine Festival

Weingut Sonnenberg Heerstraße 98, 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, July 25

Hike, drink and dance above the vineyards at this year’s 19th Bad Neuenahr Burgundy festival. This is one of the best wine festivals of the Ahr river valley. Take a leisurely hike on the famous Rotweinwanderweg, or Germany’s Red Wine Trail, above the vineyards. While hiking, you can stop along the way to sample wine at three wineries: Sonnenberg, Burggarten and Lingen. Enjoy the festival by spending the day wine tasting, dancing to live music in the lush meadows and enjoying the stunning views of the vineyards below. For more information, visit