TKS – Baumholder Network Upgrades – Oct. 14, 2014

On Tuesday October 14, between approximately 07:00 and 15:00, TKS will implement a series of on-post network upgrades at Baumholder.

TKS’s continued investment into Baumholder’s network infrastructure will immediately bring digital AFN television service to the installation, and will also lay the groundwork for on-post internet service with a connection speed of up to 100 Mbps.

During the upgrade timeframe, there will be a one-time interruption of all TKS network services including easyConnect, easyTV, AFN television, and Exchange Connect. When the upgrade is completed all services will automatically resume, no special action is required. TKS technicians will do everything possible to complete the work ahead of schedule in order to minimize down-time.

AFN digital Cable TV Services

Starting Tuesday, AFN will be broadcast digitally on a free-to-air basis installation-wide via DVB-C (Digital Video Broadcasting-Cable). On-post residents can immediately tune in to AFN digital for free, simply by connecting a compatible television set to their existing cable TV outlet. The television set must have a DVB-C tuner, this is a standard feature on nearly all modern flat-screen television sets.

The existing on-post analog AFN cable TV service will also continue to be available until further notice, with the exception of barracks and single soldier quarters. AFN digital will completely replace the existing analog television service at all Baumholder single soldier living facilities.

In additional to all of the existing “standard-definition” AFN channels that are currently available, TKS will provide AFN Sports in a high-definition formatinstead.

Should local resident experience any type of persistent technical issues after 15:00, they are urged to immediately contact the TKS customer service hotline at 0631 3522 499. (TKS hotline is available 24/7, standard fixed network dialing rates apply, a free call from the TKS fixed network.)


When: Tuesday, 14 OCTOBER 2014
7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Where: Baumholder | on-post

Service Outage: easyConnect (telephone/internet)
easyTV (digital cable television)
AFN cable television (analog)
Exchange Connect (Internet service)

Requirements: none – all impacted services restart automatically

New free service: AFN digital, garrison wide, via DVB-C

Discontinued service: AFN analog only in barracks/SSQs


AFN digital Baumholder / DVB-C | effective 14 October 2014

High-definition digital channels
AFN Sports HD

Standard-definition digital channels
AFN family
AFN movie
AFN news
AFN prime Atlantic
AFN prime Pacific
AFN Program Guide
AFN spectrum
AFN xtra
Pentagon Channel