Trash pick up in KMC changes

Trash pick up dates in some villages in the KMC will change next week due to Pentecost, the official German holiday which is observed Sunday and Monday.

Dates change as follows: From Monday to Tuesday: in Ramstein, Miesenbach, Welters-bach, Steinwenden, Obermohr, Kirchmohr, Schrollbach, Land-stuhl-Atzel, Landstuhl-Melkerei, Mittelbrunn, Bann and Oberarnbach.

From Tuesday to Wedensday: in Bruchmühlbach, Lambsborn, Vogelbach and Weilerbach. From Wednesday to Thursday: in Stelzenberg, Trippstadt, Langensohl and Waldleiningen. From Thursday to May 20: in Niederkirchen, Heimkirchen, Wörsbach, Morbach, Schneckenhausen, Sulzbach, Olsbrücken and Eulenbis.

In villages where the regular pick up of yellow bags would take place Monday, it will be canceled. (Information provided by Kaiserslautern County Waste management office)