Unexploded ordinance: find it, mark it, leave it

For situations involving unexploded ordinance, use the “four Rs” to recognize, record, retreat and report.

1. Recognize
• Identify the UXO as a hazard
• Remember features, including size, shape, color, and condition (is it intact, broke and/or leaking?).

2. Record
• No need to get closer. Mark the area with whatever you can find – flagging ribbon, cone, garbage cans, bicycles etc.
• If you can move it, you can use it. Use your imagination. Don’t move anything that is on or near a UXO.

3. Retreat
• Evacuate all personnel and equipment/vehicles that can be quickly and easily moved.
• Evacuation personnel are there to help. Direct them where to go and what to do. Someone has to take charge.
• Retreat the same way you entered. This is especially important when you have Class C and D UXOs.

4. Report
• Report findings to your unit control center.
• Don’t transmit a radio within 25 feet (100 feet for a vehicle mounted radio).
• Provide details. Be descriptive. Use the Airman’s Manual critical information checklists numbers two through seven.
• Report location: use landmarks, grid coordinates or building descriptions.

(Courtesy of the 435th CES readiness flight)