USAFE-AFARICA completes successful user migration to the Air Force Network

Last month, U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa completed the much anticipated Air Force Network user migrations.

The AFNet migration moved computers “virtually” from the USAFE network into AFNet and incorporated the use of the “Email for Career” email address for every user across USAFE. Doing this for more than 42 thousand users and more than 32 thousand machines across the command is no small feat, and took years of planning and preparation by every communications unit in the theater along with the USAFE-AFAFRICA Communications Directorate and several Air Force Space Command entities.

Moving USAFE-AFAFRICA users to the AFNet significantly improved security, reduced cost and enabled centralized management of many core data systems across the Air Force.  Additionally, cyber operators can operate and defend a standardized communications structure versus looking for vulnerabilities of disparate networks spread across numerous major commands.

In preparation for the overall USAFE-AFAFRICA migration, each USAFE-AFAFRICA base developed and ran hundreds of checklist items.

Furthermore, when these bases were actively migrating, dozens of technicians across the globe worked together to seamlessly migrate thousands of computers and users.

“It is truly amazing what was simultaneously accomplished at so many USAFE-AFAFRICA sites without a single major mission impact,” said Capt. Aaron Lake, USAFE-AFAFRICA AFNet migration lead.

“The gains in our cyber defense posture and data system manageability in the context of our current resource-constrained environment made all the efforts worthwhile.”

For Airmen leaving USAFE-AFAFRICA and headed to another base that hasn’t migrated yet, there is a possibility they may have to go through the migration process again. That possibility will exist until every single machine and account across the Air Force is migrated, something that is scheduled to occur in early 2014.

However, the completion of USAFE-AFAFRICA brings the Air Force to nearly 40 percent complete with all user migrations. For any questions concerning AFNet, contact the Enterprise Service Desk at DSN 510-HELPDESK.

(Courtesy of USAFE-AFAFRICA A6CE Engineering and Architecture Branch)