USAFE/A6 loads wallpaper

Master Sgt. Anna Collins
USAFE Computer Systems Squadron

Command workgroup managers are now loading KMC computer systems with the new U.S. Air Forces in Europe standard integrated desktop.

The desktop, a USAFE/A6 sponsored initiative, is designed to provide a common operating environment for computer systems throughout USAFE, said Chad Bonnett, USAFE Computer Systems Squadron Technical Support Branch chief.

“The goals of the SID are to enhance security by locking down the C drive, to maintain strong configuration management of each computer by removing user administrative privileges, and to reduce workgroup manager workload throughout the command,” said Col. Steven Spano, USAFE director of communications and information.

To achieve this, desktop configurations must be standardized. This identical configuration reduces the variety of problems for the help desk and workgroup managers, said Mr. Bonnett.

Additionally, standardized desktops help eliminate illegal and unauthorized software, Trojan Horse viruses and other mal-ware on the machine.
Another goal of the desktop is network security by eliminating old operating systems that present security issues. Individuals who attempt to load unauthorized software will not have sufficient permissions. The desktop locks down the computer’s primary drive and will not allow any unauthorized information to be stored on it.

The average user should not notice a difference in their computer, said Mr. Bonnett. If problems are encountered, workgroup managers and help desk personnel are better prepared to assist.

Each base in USAFE uses a different desktop wallpaper that relates to its mission.