Vehicle operations joins new squadron

Airman Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

The 435th Logistics Readiness Squadron’s Vehicle Operations Flight will be joining the 435th Vehicle Readiness Squadron today, bringing it in line with other bases.
“The rest of the Air Force already has operations and maintenance merged into one flight. Now we are conforming to that standard in a squadron, and it makes a whole lot of sense,” said Chief Master Sgt. Michael Taylor, 435th LRS vehicle operations manager.

The addition of the flight will allow operations to run more smoothly inside and outside of the squadron. Most of the flight’s functions are in coordination with the 435th VRS; this merge will consolidate similar functions under one commander and minimize cross-squadron coordination, said Chief Taylor.

“It’s a win-win situation,” said Lt. Col. Richard Peterson, 435th VRS commander.
The VOF has only one main function with the 435th LRS, while it has several functions with the 435th VRS including sourcing replacement vehicles, driver’s training and evaluation, wrecker operations and more.

Outside of the squadron it will make things much easier for our customers, Chief Taylor added. Instead of having customers communicate between two different squadrons, it gives them one point of contact for all vehicle readiness issues.
The 435th VRS is responsible for 2,542 government owned vehicles in the KMC and 435th LRS is responsible for functions such as transportation, supply and fuels. This movement will decrease the 435th LRS commander’s span of control, allowing him to focus more on these crucial areas.

“The merger balances out the squadrons a little bit,” said Capt. Von Dailey, 435th VRS operations officer. “It gives each squadron close to same amount of people.”
Everyone working in the squadron will benefit from the realignment as well.
“It makes more sense to merge maintenance and operations together, you make things easier for the operators and mechanics; it’s a smarter way of doing business,” said 1st Lt. Javier Benton, 435th VRS fleet flight commander.

Vehicle operations, vehicle maintenance and fleet management used to be together as part of the transportation squadron before the transportation squadron was merged with the 435th LRS almost two years ago. Vehicle maintenance and management broke off and created the 435th VRS. Now, the Air Force’s largest vehicle operations flight will re-join maintenance and management in the 435th VRS.

“It’s a good thing for vehicle operations, it’s like they’re coming back home,” said Captain Dailey.

A welcoming ceremony for the vehicle operations flight will be held at 10:45 a.m. today in Bldg. 2472.