Where is your ID card?

Courtesy of 86th Security Forces Squadron

How many times have you driven up to the gate at Ramstein, frustrated when you realized you had forgotten your Department of Defense or base ID card either at home or in your office?

Not to worry. The friendly folks at the Ramstein Visitor Center can perform a manual Installation Access Control System look-up and verify your identity to grant installation access. No problem, right?

Quite the contrary. In 2012, the visitor center performed thousands of manual IACS look-ups to grant access to the installation for people who forgot their ID cards.

Each manual look-up and verification takes approximately two minutes to complete, which equates to a huge amount of wasted manhours to grant installation access simply because an individual forgot or misplaced their ID card.

Two minutes may seem like a minuscule number and not a big deal, but it is much bigger than that. These thousands of people stood in line, adding to the already massive number of customers the visitor center handles on a daily basis, leading to longer lines and frustrated customers having to wait longer to be served. This issue boils down to individual accountability and responsibility.

As DOD ID cardholders in general, we must be more mindful of where our ID card is, and must take appropriate measures to secure it at all times. Without your ID card you can’t do much on the base, or worse, someone else may get a hold of it and use it for illegal activities, which could adversely impact the security of the base and the military community. The visitor control center’s “Forgotten ID Service” was put in place to assist you in a time of need and is not meant to be a primary means of accessing the installation. Be aware that the habitual abusers of the service are held accountable; first sergeants and supervisors will be contacted and may have to come down to the visitor center to sign in their personnel.

We are asking all commanders, chiefs, first sergeants and supervisors to stress the importance of making sure people are in control of their ID cards at all times. Make sure you have your ID card before you leave the house, and if you simply forgot the ID card at home, return to the house and retrieve it.

Lost and/or stolen identification cards must be reported to security forces as soon as possible.

Ramstein Security Forces is located in Bldg. 2371 and can be reached at 480-2050 or 06371-47-2050.

Vogelweh Security Forces is located in Bldg. 2067 and can be reached at 489-7070 or 0631-536-7070.