Where to dispose of small electrical appliances

Courtesy of Kaiserslautern Administration waste management office

The waste management office of the Kaiserslautern County Administration established a listing of all collection points for small electrical appliances in the KMC.

Small electrical appliances include: cell phones, clocks, egg cookers, electrical knives, electrical razors, hair dryers, hand mixers, pocket calculators, small electrical toys, small power tools, telephones, toasters and other appliances smaller than a shoebox.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Drop-off bins are available in the following locations at their regular opening times.


• EDEKA Aktiv Markt Scheider, Böswiesenstraße 2a, Miesau

• Fuchs-Haushaltstechnik, St. Wendeler Straße 19, Miesau


• WASGAU Markt, Rosenhofstraße 10, Alsenborn

• Rathaus, Hauptstraße 121, Hochspeyer


• Bäckerei/Konditorei Ulrich Hoch, Hauptstraße 23, Schopp

• Tourist Information, Hauptstraße 26, Trippstadt


• Kaufland, Torfstraße 10, Landstuhl


• WASGAU Markt, Ziegelhütter Straße 69, Otterbach

• WASGAU Markt, Gewerbestraße 4, Otterberg


• E-CENTER Jahke, Rathausring 6, Ramstein


• SPAR Markt Bonin, Hauptstraße 37, Weilerbach

The following items are not considered small electrical appliances: CDs/DVDs, energy saving light bulbs and all types of batteries.

Before disposal, batteries and light bulbs must be removed from the appliances. Do not place any item on or beside the can. If the unit does not fit in the bin, take it with you.