Who moved my life?

Brigitte Black
Eighth grader, contributing writer

***image1***After a nearly perfect school year, one of my biggest fears had been moving and having to start all over again. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. My father got a new assignment and we ended up on a different continent.  

When we first arrived, I was miserable. I had no friends, no phone, no house, no car and no source of communication to the outside world. I knew that sooner or later I would have all of these things but I chose to dwell on everything I lost rather than the things I might gain. I realized it would be a long time before I saw many of my friends and others I would never see again.

I PCS’d right before school ended so I didn’t continue school once I moved. I didn’t know what the school was like and I figured I wouldn’t make any new friends until school started again. I depended mostly on the Internet for communication and the more I talked to my friends, the more I missed them.
How could things get any worse? While wallowing in my misery, I almost missed out on a truly beautiful experience. The whole country was made up of farmland and everywhere we went we saw rolling hills. We found a nice-sized house, got a phone and Internet connection. My father talked me into trying out for cheerleading and I’ve made some friends along the way.  

I’ve moved many times before and learned that you never forget the places you’ve been or the friends that you’ve had and that’s OK. But, if you dwell on what you lost for too long you might miss out on an amazing experience.
Moving is always tough but as they say, when one door closes two more open. All you have to do is choose one to follow.