Wing tackles its first UCI

Lt. Col. Jim Reavis
435th Air Base Wing Inspections and Readiness Office chief

The 435th Air Base Wing undergoes its first unit compliance inspection since it stood up in January 2004.

This inspection, which runs July 25 to Aug. 2, evaluates the wing’s ability to do its mission, its performance in executing the mission, and how well it meets standards.

UCIs are conducted to assess areas mandated by law as well as “critical or important” mission areas identified by senior Air Force and major command leadership. The inspection also assures the health and performance of organizations.

“Every aspect of our operation will be put under a microscope as inspectors evaluate the wing’s processes,” said Col. Bob Otto, 435th ABW vice commander. “The UCI covers everything – all our processes and compliance areas.”

Unit failure to comply with the established directives in these areas could result in significant legal liabilities, penalties or significant mission impact.

“A positive attitude is critical in doing well in this inspection,” said Col. Kurt Lohide, 435th ABW commander. “Wing personnel already demonstrate our high standards in the execution of the mission, safety, and their practice of customs and courtesies every day. Now we have an opportunity to demonstrate ‘Citus et Certus’ (Swift and Sure) to the U.S. Air Force in Europe inspector general.”

The wing began preparation for the inspection in March, when the 435th ABW Inspections and Readiness Office put the UCI tracker on-line. The self-inspection program allows units at every level to load their functional, safety and self-created checklists.

The tracker permits real-time feedback to all levels of leadership on how well the wing is doing in inspection areas. It also allows the Airmen who are running the checklists to ensure their individual units are ready for the UCI and exceeding the standards for by-law and mission areas, said Colonel Lohide.

“Everyone plays a vital role. This is a huge team effort that involves everyone from the newest Airman to the wing commander to our civilians and local national employees,” said Colonel Otto. “We see it as a golden opportunity to showcase our contributions to the base mission and our expeditionary mindset too … this is the time to shine!”
For more UCI information, call the CVI Office at 480-5526.