Xtreme Summer 2007! ‘American Idol’ finalist visits Ramstein

***image1***American Idol season four finalist Anthony Fedorov will tour U.S. Air Forces in Europe bases in April to promote the kick-off of the annual USAFE Services Extreme Summer program. Anthony will also be a judge and perform at both the USAFE Youth and Teen Talent Contest April 13 and at the USAFE Idol Contest on April 14, both at Ramstein.

Anthony was born in the Ukraine in 1985 to a very musical family. His grandmother sang opera and Russian “country” music and his father plays guitar and accordion.

As a very young child Anthony was stricken with a growth in his throat which needed removal. The doctors feared that removal of the growth would render him unable to ever speak again. For a considerable time that was true. But, with the strength and caring of his family, Anthony overcame that hurdle.

At age 9 Anthony moved with his family to the U.S. At that time the only words he could say in English were ‘thank you,’ which he learned in school in Russia. By age 10 he was speaking fluent English and by age 14 he was singing in clubs and restaurants around his hometown of Philadelphia and within New York.

He was an American Idol contestant in 2005.

Anthony continues to tour and perform live. He is working on solo material with some of music’s most successful songwriters and he found time to co-star as a celebrity judge in the original show ‘MTV’s Little Talent Show Triple Threat’ which aired on the network this fall.

For more information, visit www.extremesummer.com.