10th AAMDC DCO assumes chairmanship of NATO PAMD

The 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command hosted the European Integrated Air and Missile Defense Conference at NATO Allied Air Command Headquarters at Ramstein Air Base, Jan.14-15.

The 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command DCO has assumed the chairmanship of NATO’s Panel on Air and Missile Defense and is working closely with NATO leadership, allies and partners to adapt and provide the best possible defense against a complex array of air and missile threats.

“It’s an honor to be confirmed as the chairman,” said Col. Bruce Bredlow, 10th AAMDC deputy commander. “We are transitioning to an Integrated Air and Missile Defense capability that allows us to react to the complex array of threats facing our forces.”

The PAMD is a multinational body responsible for advising and assisting the Air and Missile Defense Committee in the development and maintenance of all aspects necessary to achieve a comprehensive and coherent approach to NATO IAMD, Air Command and Control and Joint Air Power related issues. The panel is comprised of subject matter experts who have proven proficiency in policy along with operational and technical expertise in IAMD matters.

The PAMD provides the Air and Missile Defense committee with a vision for NATO IAMD based on future IAMD trends and developments. It also provides the AMDC with information and advice concerning the identification of required IAMD capabilities in close coordination with the nations, the NATO Military Authorities, NATO Agencies, and the International Staff. Bredlow said his new position on the NATO PAMD gives the command a voice that can affect policy and will help leverage 10th AAMDC’s capacity in NATO and Europe.

“The Air and Missile Defense Committee had the trust and confidence in me to confirm me in this position, a significant position that can help influence positive changes across the NATO air defense community.” Bredlow said. “I think it’s a huge honor and I am looking forward to working alongside partners in the alliance and ensuring that we are involving all nations in the integrated air and missile defense mission.”

This new role is emblematic of 10th AAMDC’s willingness and readiness to work with talented and dedicated European partners to improve, expand, and integrate air and missile defense forces across the breadth and depth of Europe.

“My role as a chairman of the PAMD allows me to be a voice and influence the policy that is written by NATO that will then be executed by NATO military forces. In the U.S. Army, we follow regulations. We follow technical manuals. We follow all these different doctrinal publications and published guidance. With the position I am in now, I am able to influence the people that are drafting doctrine and guidance into products that we, as an alliance, can execute,” Bredlow said. “Through this position, 10th AAMDC and U.S. Army Europe will become increasingly involved in that process and can provide a positive influence in terms of integrated air and missile defense.”