Action Line – Senior NCOs in base housing

***image1***I would like clarification on an issue I am sure many other senior NCOs in housing might also like. In the KA, there was a story about the new housing. I am a senior NCO and live in base housing. When I called housing to ask when we can put our names on the waiting list for the new housing I was told that I am not eligible for the new housing since I am already “adequately housed.” I would have to disagree with that statement. There currently is no senior NCO housing. There are just a certain number of slots for senior NCOs in housing. There are only two other senior NCOs in my building, which can hold 18 families (fourth floor not used).

The rates for housing allowance are based on your grade. Likewise, the amount of weight you are authorized to ship during a PCS grows with rank progression. Since I was authorized more weight, it would make sense that I am authorized a larger housing unit. This is reinforced by the housing allowance rate differences. Every other place I have been stationed there was specific housing, larger housing, for senior NCOs. As it stands, I have to pay $60 per month to rent a storage unit to store the items that don’t fit, and I came to Germany considerably under my weight allowance of 12,500 pounds. I believe I should be able to put my name on the list for the new units, just as anyone else can. Further stated in the KA article was the plan to enlarge the units. If my unit needs to be enlarged anyway, does it not make sense that I am allowed to apply to move into a larger unit?

The unit you live in is considered by the Air Force to be adequate.
Most family housing is not as large as we’d like, but the units were built to the square footage authorized by the Department of Defense when they were built.

Recently, the square foot construction authorization increased and bases are building units to the new standard. The rest of the inventory is still considered adequate, even though the units are not as large as new construction. Members are authorized to reapply for housing only in the event of an increase in dependents, maturation of children or promotion to a higher grade category.

If any of these events occur for you, please contact the housing office. We appreciate your understanding and support of the housing program.