Balanced Sport Club 1880 trips up Rogues

Alton Cagle
Contributing writer

The RAF Ramstein Rogues Rugby Club hosted a match with Frankfurt’s Sport Club 1880 Sunday in Queidersbach. The Rogues were out in full force for this home match against the top club in the Rhineland-Pfalz/Hessen Division.

When the smoke cleared from all the rucking, mauling, tackles, and speed both teams demonstrated well, it was Sport Club 1880 ahead of RAF Ramstein by a score of 59-10.  

Both teams endured the full contact and rugby flair, but the balanced discipline of the SC1880 side proved the edge needed to defeat the Rogues.

Scoring for the Rogues in the match were Jerry Webb (US Army), and Wayne Broom (US Army), so the Rogues did not fall without scoring. 
Man of the Match was awarded to a well deserving Orlando Guzman,
who’s aggresiveness and strength stopped many SC1880 mauls, and open field tackles.  

The club’s next match is an away game to the city of Worms to play their rugby club May 22.  

The Rogues continue to look for more players and supporters interested in playing and/or spectating the home and away games.  For more information, e-mail the club e-mail account at