Kleber Gym hosts racquetball tourney

Jason Ille
Contributing writer

The Kleber Gymnasium on Kleber Kaserne hosted a racquetball tournament April 8. The tournament hosted 25 players in five different categories. The categories were broken down into women’s, men’s open, 40+, and Men’s B and C divisions. There were a total of five female participants and four of the five competed with the men in the C category in addition to competeing in the Women’s category. The following is how the top three participants in each division placed.

Open Category

1st – Tim Hardison
2nd – Curtis Morgan
3rd – Peter Rakowski

40+ Category
1st – Tim Hardison
2nd – Ian Chin
3rd – J.J. Johnson

Category B
1st – Dave Buchholz
2nd – Peter Rakowski
3rd – Jimmie Kimbrough

Category C
1st – Demetrius Harrington
2nd – Ronald Jones
3rd – Chris James

Women’s Category
1st – Diana Ruth
2nd – Claudia Koch
3rd – Sharron Garay