Changes in schedule for RIP, ROP

Courtesy of the 786th Force Support Squadron

The Ramstein Inprocessing and Outprocessing centers will be changing their weekly schedule.

Effective May 11, the two-phase ROP sessions will be held every Monday, and the two-day RIP sessions will be held Tuesday and Wednesdays or Thursday and Fridays with show times at 7 a.m.

The ROP line is a mandatory two-phased informational briefing established to assist members in their transition out of Ramstein. All members must attend ROP Phase 1 in order to access their Virtual Military Personnel Flight checklist.

Once initial outprocessing actions are complete and members receive their orders, they may attend ROP Phase 2. Requirements for Phase 2 also include having permanent change of station orders in-hand and an established Port Call Date from the traffic management office’s passenger travel office.

Members must sign up prior to attending the ROP line; this can be done via the SharePoint link provided in the initial assignment notification email sent by the 786th Force Support Squadron MPF Outbound Assignments.

The RIP line is a mandatory two-day session established to ensure members meet inprocessing requirements within 72 hours of arrival.

Members must bring their military ID card, 10 copies of their PCS orders, current information assurance certificate and all receipts associated with expenses incurred during their PCS. This will assist in making the transition process more efficient.

There is no requirement to sign up prior to attending the RIP line. Members should attend the RIP line the first available two-day session after their arrival.

For additional information, call 480-6559 or 06371-47-6559.