Commander’s Action Line

I had a question about the parking situation at the Ramstein Officers’ Club. I was at this facility for an awards luncheon and parking was nowhere to be found. I was also at this facility another social event and the same situation, no parking anywhere. Why doesn’t the club have designated parking?

Thank you for your concern regarding parking at the officers’ club. We are going to designate the parking lot for officers’ club patrons in an effort to free some of the spaces that are being used by others. Our club staff has also begun issuing tickets to those who wrongly park in designated spaces. Additionally, we are reviewing the number of reserved parking spaces in an effort to reduce that number, thereby making additional parking available for the officers’ club patronage. While these efforts will provide some relief, the fact remains that parking immediately around the officers’ club is not sufficient for the building capacity. Alternative parking is available across the street from the club in the lot adjacent to the chapel. While we are limited to what we can do with existing parking on base, we are taking steps to improve the parking situation with new construction. I appreciate your support of our clubs and hope we can make the parking situation a little better for all.