Dinosaur skeleton to lure visitors of garden fair

Petra Lessoing
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The Kaiserslautern Garden Fair, which opened its doors last week, continues to extend its dinosaur exhibition. An original dinosaur skeleton can be seen in May in Rudolf-Wilkens-Halle, where visitors also find the tunnel of life.

“Unfortunately there were some delays in receiving the German and Russian approval papers to export and import the skeleton,” said Rolf Künne, Kaiserslautern county commissioner.
The skeleton is from a 75-million-year-old tyrannosaurus bataar, which was excavated in south Mongolia.

These dinosaurs were dangerous and lived in Asia and North America.
The Asian type of T-Rex is a little older and smaller than the North American representative of its kind. The skeleton on the garden fair is 6.5 meters tall, 4.5 meters long and consists of 136 pieces to include single bones and the skull.

“Papers on Tyrannosaurus Bataar have to prove that the skeleton is not from a cultural robbery and that it’s not an arts piece from the times of National Socialism,” said garden fair manager Thomas Zinssmeister.

The skeleton is supposed to arrive from Moscow in Germany the first week of May. “Russian paleontologist will put together the skeleton here in Kaiserslautern, so visitors of the garden fair will be able to admire it by May 15,” said Mr. Zinssmeister.