Empty own trash can, help win war

The Secretary of the Air Force issued policy guidance on March 9 requiring reductions of all service contracts to redirect funds to the war effort. The directive entails a 20-percent reduction through the next five years. Accordingly, COMUSAFE mandated USAFE units complete eight percent cuts during fiscal 2007.  
To comply, the 735th Civil Engineer Squadron is reviewing contracts for areas where prudent cuts can be made. The squadron’s many contracts range from grounds maintenance to recycling disposal services to elevator service. Some can not be cut because German laws and OSHA regulations require frequent equipment maintenance for safety purposes. Others are problematic due to the sheer quantity of services rendered.
After extensive review, the squadron has made plans to reduce custodial services at certain facilities throughout the KMC. Custodial contracts were selected because they involve activities all personnel are familiar with – cleaning – and have the lowest mission impact on the KMC. Most of the affected facilities house administrative functions, and are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Service cuts will include vacuuming, dusting, emptying of trash cans, and window cleaning. However, all restroom facilities will be cleaned weekly to ensure safe, hygienic conditions.  
How will this affect you? If you work in these facilities, you may need to pitch in with office cleaning. Office managers, supervisors and facility managers will determine duties, schedules and policies. You may be asked to take out your own trash, vacuum your area, clean windows, mop floors, or dust. Supplies will be provided by your work center.  
We all work hard to win our battles. We are again called upon to serve the cause of the war. Ensuring your work areas are clean will save Ramstein about $1 million each year. Those savings, and savings from other USAFE bases, will support operations around the world. Ask your facility manager or supervisor about changes affecting you.
(Courtesy of the 735th Civil Engineer Squadron)