Free priority mail express military service for casted mail ballots

From Sept. 1 through Dec. 8, customers can mail their general elections “Casted Ballots” back to the United States free using priority mail express military service.

“The Department of Defense, in collaboration with the United States Postal Service, is again offering this expedited, free service to ensure ballots from American citizens stationed or living overseas arrive in time for the upcoming general federal elections,” said Mr. Lionel Rivera USAFE Air Postal Squadron, Postal Operations Flight.

In order to receive this free service, customers must present their casted ballots at a post office finance window. Finance window clerks will give customers a receipt copy of the express mail 11-DOD label. The copy of the express mail label includes a tracking number customers can use to track the status of their ballots on the USPS web site at:!input.action.

This service is only available to citizens who are casting their vote by mail ballot and cannot be used for other voting material mailings.

“All American citizens overseas, regardless of their status, are authorized to use this free service and the Military Postal System to mail their casted ballots at any military post office,” said Mr. Rivera.

Due to high mail volumes expected for this general election, customers overseas are highly encouraged to mail their casted ballots early to ensure the ballots arrive in time for elections. Customers can contact their local Air Force postmaster for additional information.