Game on: KMC students compete in 16th annual Battle of the Books

Sharon Emerling
Contributing writer

In a “Jeopardy” style competition, nearly 100 students gathered April 25 to compete in the 16th annual Battle of the Books.

***image1***Teams were created with students from four schools − Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl, Ramstein and Vogelweh. Moderator Mike Curley, a Ramstein American Elementary School teacher, asked questions about the books that were on a reading list of 34 titles. The clock ticked. Teams conferred. A spokesperson from each team came to the mic and answered the question. And, anxious parents and siblings in the audience held their breath as they waited for correct answers to come.

“I really liked it,” said student Tess Wobbe. “It was fun, and I read more books than I had thought I would − even the ones I thought would be boring turned out to be really good.”

Fourth-graders from area schools were given the long list of books early this school year. They had to have read at least 10 books on the list to participate.
Between rounds, students from each school performed a short skit about one of the books from the list. Each skit was written by students and teachers, which added to the fun, students and teachers said.

“The list has changed over the years, but the enthusiasm never seems to wane,” said Sheri Thomas, Kaiserslautern American Elementary School language arts reading specialist. “We love that the kids and their parents are so excited about the event each year.”

Medals and certificates were awarded to each student who participated. Presenting the medals this year was assistant superintendent Elaine Grande.
“I had fun,” said Broc Cooper, Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School student. “Our table did great. I didn’t get any answers wrong.”