KMC kids got swing

Teens from across Europe will be jumping, jiving and swinging at the annual Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe Jazz Seminar 2007 in Naples, Italy, Jan. 16 to 21. The event highlights DODDS-E’s music curriculum for high school and middle school students. More than 110 students auditioned for the 34 slots. KMC students participating are, from Kaiserslautern American High School, John Frank on trumpet; from Ramstein American High School, Colby Albrandt on bass; Derek Call on trombone; Macy Jepson on piano; Leah Johnson on vocals; Bennett Lumban on trumpet; Alicia Martin on piano; Aaron O’Neill on bass, Eric Oyan on saxophone; Bradley Paulhamos on trombone; Micah Pischnotte on trumpet; Nina Ramos on vocals; Kars Wadsack on saxophone and Dan Whitney on drums.