Last call to hit the slopes

Matthew C. Roberts
Contributing Writer

Ah, Spring. The sun is coming out again after what seems like years − the air is warmer, flowers are blooming and I can hear birds chirping and children playing outside as I write. All of these signs point to one thing: skiing.

***image1***That’s right, it’s time for the final ski trip of the ’06-’07 season; one giant downhill party with concerts, beverages and deep powder under a bright April sun. If you’ve never skied in a T-shirt or bikini top,  you’ve never really skied. I know what you’re thinking; this season has been a little less than powderriffic for the European snow seekers. Trust me, I grew up in Utah where the license plates make the believable claim that the state has the “greatest snow on Earth,” and I went to school in Colorado, which has one or two ski resorts you may know. So, I know snow and this season has been a pale imitation of skiing. But, I offer as a counterpoint: so what? 

Spring skiing isn’t about the snow. It’s about the revelry. And, the preeminent way to revel out a ski season is the Tannenbaum Ski Club’s three day trip to Ischgl in the Austrian Alps, a monster party milieu with a concert on the mountain and as a bonus, the snow conditions there are great. They just got a fresh dump of powder on April 4 and have a solid 160 cm base. Ischgl is a luscious mountain playground criss-crossed by fifty-two ski runs and home to at least twice that many night clubs − a Euro ski mecca with plenty of blond-haired blue-eyed jungfraus in dirndls and guys with faux mohawks and reflective sunglasses.

 As soon as I started skiing in Europe, I started hearing stories about last year’s trip with the Pink concert and how if you weren’t there you missed one of the all time greatest ski events ever and should just hang your head in shame. Do not let this happen to you.

If you’ve been scared off the slopes this season by horror stories of skiing through mud and deep rock gouges in a freshly waxed board, check the snow reports and get those skis and boards back out of the closet for one last ski trip.  Check out for the trip details, and I will see you at the top of the mountain.