Military Matters

Civil Engineers’ Corner
Perimeter Road restriction impact test
Ramstein’s South Perimeter Road will be restricted to all traffic not having official business within the vicinity of the Munitions Storage Area, between Bldgs. 2696 and 2503, from Monday to Feb. 4. This restriction includes walking, jogging, bicycling and POVs not associated with the Munitions Storage Area. This restriction will help determine operational impact before a decision is made whether to restrict access to the road on a permanent basis. For questions, comments or concerns, e-mail with “Perimeter Road Restriction Impact Test” written in the subject line. Inputs will be consolidated and presented to wing leadership at the close of the test.

Construction Corner
East Gate construction
Contractors will be installing speed bumps at the Ramstein East Gate entrance from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Jan. 28. Traffic will be re-routed around the construction, but access will be maintained. Minor delays can be expected during those hours.

Ramstein commissary construction
The Ramstein commissary is undergoing a long-term construction project until fall
2012. The parking lot expansion will begin in mid January, resulting in a decrease in available parking. Members are encouraged to visit the commissary during non peak hours or visit the Vogelweh Commissary to avoid some of the congestion that is expected. Keep an eye out for more information on the construction project.

Traffic Corner
New speed limit
The speed limit for Vogelweh Housing is now 20 kph, down from the previous 25 kph limit. Security forces will be enforcing with stops and warnings. There are also signs posted about cell phone use while driving. This should not be new, and cops are expected to stringently enforce this.