Military police to provide security support in Irak deployment

Master Sgt. Sue Harper
21st Theater Support Command Public Affairs Office

***image1***Almost 200 Military Police from 21st Theater Support Command’s 95th Military Police Battalion left Ramstein Air Force Base bound for Kuwait Thursday.
The 230th Military Police Company will pull a variety of missions including convoy escort, highway patrol, traffic control with Iraqi police, security and force protection during their year in Iraq, said 230th Military Police company commander, Capt. David Beaman.
“We’re ready to go down there and execute this mission,” Capt. Beaman said.
The military police have been training for an Iraq deployment for 18 months, said 230th Military Police Company platoon leader, Lt. Jacob Day.
The 230th was originally scheduled to deploy to support the initial push into Iraq. When the Northern Option into Iraq, came via air and not from Turkey, the MPs mission was halted.
“We continued to train,” Lieutenant Day said. “We are more than ready. The Soldiers are more than ready and even happy to go.”
Spouses of deployed soldiers have the hardest job, the lieutenant said.
“Military spouses are what holds the military together, “ he said.
Families of this unit are also ready and “trained,” said Cathryn Day.
“I have had a lot of practice having him gone with all the training they have done for this mission,” Mrs. Day said. “I will just keep doing the same thing. The kids will have the same schedule. We will keep doing it one day at a time until this is over.”