New work centers for 1st CMXS

***image1***Giebelstadt AAF:
Located 20 miles south of Würzburg. Three airfield systems technicians maintain 10 weather systems and a tactical air navigation system. The equipment provides forecasting data for Air Force weather personnel, and ensures flight safety for 80 helicopters, 3,000 Soldiers and 4,000 annual overflights for civilian and military aircraft.
Grafenwoehr AAF:
The furthest OL from Ramstein, located close to the Czechoslovakia border; three airfield systems technicians maintain 15 weather systems on the airfield and around the bombing range plus a TACAN. Grafenwoehr has Europe’s largest live fire range, covering about 96-square miles. The weather systems team supports training for up to 36,000 Soldiers annually. Army troops regularly travel to this site to participate in exercises prior to deploying in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. The site also has some famous history; Elvis was stationed here in 1958 during his short time in the Army.

Katterbach AAF:
Located about 30 miles southwest of Nürnberg; eight airfield technicians stationed there and the OL chief. Technicians are traveling weather maintenance team, logging over 52,000 miles per year, maintaining  a weather radar at Katterbach utilized by 22 installations in a 126,000-square-mile area, plus 30 weather systems at six AAFs, and one live fire range throughout Bavaria in a footprint the size of the state of Alabama.  The weather systems support approximately 120 helicopters and 35,000 Soldiers. (Courtesy of the 1st CMXS)