To teacher, with love

Teacher Appreciation Week is Sunday to May 13.

Since 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association has encouraged communities to demonstrate appreciation for their teachers during the annual Teacher Appreciation Week. Every May, Teacher Appreciation Week offers the opportunity to reaffirm the commitment to parent-teacher partnerships. The focus is on the outstanding contributions teachers make to the community and children in the KMC.

The purpose of the annual PTA Teacher Appreciation Week is to focus attention on the outstanding work of Department of Defense Dependent School teachers. DODDS educators form the educational foundation for KMC children through their dedication and expertise. They provide support to the children, often under trying circumstances and with less than adequate resources. Without dedicated teachers, the scientists, artists, political leaders and military members in society would not excel in their professions.

DODDS teachers are doing an outstanding job.  They perform daily miracles in their classrooms and they bear a great responsibility by educating the children. This week has been set aside as Teacher Appreciation Week to focus attention on the many exceptional educators whose labors deserve applause.  School Liaison Office officials encourage all community members to take time to recognize teachers for the significant role they play by saying “thank you” to the teachers of the KMC. KMC PTAs are planning special activities during Teacher Appreciation Week and invite parents and students to participate in showing their appreciation.  Anyone interested in more information about Teacher Appreciation Week should contact their school PTA or their school office.
(Courtesy of School Liaison Office)