Ramstein singer shines as star of tomorrow

Christine June
415th Base Support Battalion

***image1***Christopher T. Sears, a KMC family member, won Best in Show and first place in the Vocal Soloist Self Accompanied category at the U.S. Army Europe’s Stars of Tomorrow competition held Aug. 22 at the Storck Barracks in Illesheim, Germany.

“The other contestants were absolutely amazing. I really didn’t expect to win at all,” said Mr. Sears, a software developer for the Northrop Grumman Information Technology in Mannheim. “I was very flattered that I did because there were so many talented acts.”

Playing his guitar, Mr. Sears sang “Every Little Way,” a country ballad he wrote in 2000, for the USAREUR competition and at the Area Support Group’s competition held July 31 at the Escape Club in Darmstadt. He won first place in the Vocal Soloist Self Accompanied category at that ASG level, which advanced him to the USAREUR level.

Out of a possible score of 75, Sears scored a 67 at the USAREUR level, which is very high, according to the 415th Base Support Battalion’s Entertainment Director Laurie M. Ellington. She said that some of the judges’ comments included: “Needs a Contract! Great Job! Radio play now! Wonderful voice…great poise on stage…you truly have talent.”

Mr. Sears’ award-winning song, “Every Little Way,” is about how a groom feels about his bride on their wedding day and is dedicated to his wife, Army Capt. Jennifer A. Robson, the officer in charge of the Veterinary Treatment Facility, Ramstein Air Base. It was her suggestion that he compete in the competitions.

“I was pleasantly surprised when he won because the competition was very impressive,” said Captain Robson. “I hadn’t seen him on stage for a long time so that was fun for me. It was like the old days.”

The old days was when Mr. Sears would play and sing at clubs and bars at night for two years after he graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree from the University of Texas, Austin, Texas in 1999. 

He said that he hasn’t done any kind of organized music since his wife was stationed here in 2001, until he entered these competitions.

“I was a little nervous because I hadn’t done anything like that in so long,” said Mr. Sears, who doesn’t have any serious plans yet about getting back into organized music. “But, it’s like riding a bicycle, you just get right back on it and you do okay.”