Sanitation services slashed: citizens urged to help keep KMC clean

Courtesy of the 435th Civil Engineer Squadron

The familiar sight of the Schumacher company employees in their green uniforms emptying exterior waste receptacles and picking up trash around Ramstein is a thing of the past. It is now up to Ramstein citizens to keep the base and community clean.

The Secretary of the Air Force mandated a 20 percent reduction in all service contract spending by fiscal year 2009, which equated to a budget cut of nearly $2 million. The first round of cuts, more than $800,000, took place in fiscal year 2007 and consisted primarily of reductions in custodial services. Additional cuts will need to be made to meet the fiscal year 2008 reduction goal.

In an effort to meet these goals, the KMC litter patrol contract has been discontinued in all areas except for military family housing. The demise of this contract increases the responsibility for each individual working and living on KMC installations to clean up after themselves and others in order to keep our facilities looking their best. This includes work locations as well as community areas like the base exchange and sports fields. 

Going forward, Ramstein’s Installation Excellence team will be the primary point of contact for litter control issues and will have primary responsibility for clean-up at base community areas. Facility managers must focus on their responsibilities for policing and coordinating trash details for areas within 100 feet of their facilities (including exterior waste receptacles). Ramstein citizens should help keep the base beautiful by picking up loose trash, contacting CE customer service for pick-up of large piles of debris and by monitoring their own debris disposal.

These reductions are being made to divert much needed funds from base-level programs to operations downrange and to free up funds for the development of new technologies needed to win the war on terrorism. With the help of everyone, Team Ramstein can maintain its high standard of excellence, continue to present a professional image and free up funds at the same time.