School Notebook

DODDS offers early withdrawal and completion
Schools will support military families by authorizing early withdrawal or early completion programs for students whose families are transferring or taking part in reintegration block leave at the school year’s end. The early withdrawal program is for students who do not plan to return to Department of Defense Dependent Schools next year and the early completion program is for students who will return to DODDS next school year. Conditions include, no more than 20 instructional days can be missed prior to the end of the school year and participating students must complete all required assignments in order to receive a final grade. All requests for early withdrawal must be made in writing and delivered to the school. Each request will be considered on a case by case basis.

***image1***SMS students shine in ‘Music Man Junior’
The Sembach Middle School production of “The Music Man Junior” will be  at 6 p.m. tonight and Saturday in the SMS multi-purpose room.
 Above, Victoria Dropps, SMS fourth-grader,  plays the part of a townsperson, Alex Jeskanen, Ramstein American Middle School sixth-grader, plays the part of Ethel Toffelmeier, and (right) Aaron Richter, RAMS eighth-grader, plays the lead part of Professor Harold Hill.
The play is directed by music teacher Amy Christianson, R. J. Garrison and Jan Jeskanen.
The youth program was first sponsored by the Youth Center and now is sponsored by SMS. Most of the students are from SMS and the show also features fourth and fifth-graders singing in the chorus with music by the SMS band.

KAHS welcomes future freshmen
Kaiserslautern American High School will host freshman orientation at 9:30 a.m. May 16 for Kaiserslautern American Middle School students and 9:30 a.m. May 17 for Sembach Middle School students. Orientation includes tours of the high school, led by KAHS student leaders.

RAHS student named finalist by Oprah Show
Ramstein American High School student Laura Waxman is one of two Department of Defense Dependent Schools-Europe students who are finalists in Oprah Winfrey’s National High School Essay contest.
 Miss Waxman was flown to Chicago April 25 to tape the Oprah show, which is expected to air this month.
  The student essays were written around the book Night by Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. The book is a memoir about his survival in Nazi death camps — where he lost his family and his faith.

***image3***KAMS hosts career day
Ten years from now today’s students will  interview for jobs such as a lawyer, dentist or teacher. Kaiserslautern American Middle School students recently practiced finding jobs and dressing for success in Karen Conley’s business class.
Above, Andrew Holgate participates in mock job interviews. Students answered personal and job related questions. Appropriate interview attire was required.  At the end of their interview, the class and the teacher evaluated the students’ skill and knowledge of their desired job. The students completed a resume and a job description of their desired career.