Summer camps and school programs keep youth busy

***image2***Ramstein Youth Center hosts a variety of camps all summer for children ages six to 12. Kids have attended Hollywood Camp, Dinosaur Camp and Journalism Camp. In Journalism Camp, children created  their own newspaper, KidCopia, with original stories and photos, right.

DODDS-Europe summer enrichment classes in full swing, fun too

by Jaenero Gaither
Ramstein student

***image1***When my mom first told me that I was going to summer enrichment school, I wasn’t really excited. The last thing I wanted to do was spend three hours a day in school. But, after the first day, I was actually glad I came. Summer enrichment isn’t here to bore kids. It’s here to keep your memory of the past school year fresh for the next one. It’s not like regular school either. There are many students attending this enrichment program and having fun while learning.

Enrichment program three years old
More than 2,600 children spent four weeks in Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe summer enrichment program at 27 locations across Europe. Youngsters ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade spent their mornings at community schools in the program that began July 2.

The DODDS-Europe Summer Enrichment Program started in 2003 to support a small number of communities in which parents were deployed to Iraq. But, the response from parents, students and educators was overwhelmingly positive, and in the following year, the program was expanded.

The Summer Enrichment Program is free and featured academic enrichment activities that emphasized mathematics and language arts. Funding for the 2007 Summer Enrichment Program was provided in part by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Programs were designed to enrich and reinforce student learning through engaging in high-interest, hands-on activities focusing on reading, math and science.

(Story contains information from DODDS-Europe)

Soaring at Aviation Camp

***image3***Twenty-four youth were flying high in the Vogelweh and Sembach Youth Program Aviation camp, July 23 to 27.

Children ages 9 to 12 participated in the camp receiving hands on experience and learning many aspects of aviation. Activities included  a tour of Ramstein’s control tower and fire station, a tour of a C-130 airplane and a trip to Landstuhl airfield to see a Black Hawk helicopter. The week ended with a trip to the Ramstein Security Forces kennels to see a military working dog demonstration.

***image4***Another highlight of the week was when the participants watched as a remote controlled helicopter was flown, and then they built and painted their own model helicopter.

Aviation camp is just one of many camps offered by KMC youth programs. For more information, call Vogelweh Youth Programs at 0631-536-7806 or 489-6504.