Take a walk on the wild side

Wildpark Betzenberg offers great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and see a variety of flora and fauna in the local area.

Located in east Kaiserslautern, behind Kleber Kaserne and across from Gasthaus Quack, it is home to the Palatinate forest and many species of animals such as wild horses.

The park spans 25 hectares, and the large premises are inhabited by many different animals, including aurochs and wild horses, called tarpans. Does, fawns and bucks graze in grassy enclosures. Wild boar and piglets splash in the mud, while goats and their kids play chase. Wisents, the European bison and an endangered species, are cautiously kept in a separate corral and the fluffy calves may curiously walk up to the fence.

A 1.5 km long water pipeline was installed, and covered feeding sheds also serve as protection against wind and rain. The wild boar enclosure has a muddy area where animals like to dig and roll around. A large grassy area with trees is provided for deer and goats. Fir trees offer a natural roof for the grazing animals and observing visitors.

A wet biotope was created within the wisent enclosure where frogs and lurches feel at home, while also offering toads a place to spawn.

Guests may also be able to see a rare lynx with its pointed ears peeking out of its den. Lynxes are the largest wild cats in Europe. They were formerly hunted for their beautiful thick fur, and they can reach a length of up to 1.2 meters (47 inches).

The park is a wonderful place to enjoy a walk during Germany’s colorful fall when the leaves of the up to 120 year old oaks and beeches turn golden brown, red and yellow. This year’s highlight is a set of young aurochs twins, a rare phenomenon in nature.

Admission is free and parking is available nearby. Visitors are advised that due to uneven inclines  and natural, unpaved forest paths, mobility for handicapped individuals is rather limited and appropriate footwear is recommended. Dogs are allowed if leashed at all times.