The Housing Hype: 6 tips for a smooth move

PCS coming up? Here are six Housing tips for a smooth move (Military)

If you’re terminating government quarters

Did You Know: The Housing Office requires a 40-day advanced notice of Intent to terminate your government quarters prior to PCSing?

How: First, contact the KMC Housing Office, Assistance Section and:

Provide four (4) copies of your PCS Orders and a Port Call date (if known.)

Schedule a Pre and Final inspection appointment for your quarters.

If you do not have your Orders or a Port Call date, but can anticipate a future date, then:

  • Schedule the “Pre” Inspection
  • A separate appointment will be necessary to schedule the Final inspection

Arrange for furniture delivery or pick-up of Family Housing loaner furniture.


  • Contact the Furnishings Management Section at DSN 489-6001 or commercial 0631-536-6001

Complete your housing unit’s Final Inspection to obtain:

  • Housing’s clearance documents that will be necessary for your upcoming out-processing

Based on your Port Call date, Temporary Lodging Allowance days may be authorized up to ten days…for further details, you can ask your Housing Team Representative.

To schedule an appointment or need a question/concern answered, please call the Housing Office Assistance Section at DSN 314-489-6672 or commercial 0631-536-6672. You can also e-mail us at to give your notice.

The KMC Family Housing Team is in the business of 100% “Customer Satisfaction!”

To keep abreast of the many going-ones in Family Housing, you can now visit our Facebook Page at

To provide exceptional customer service, the Housing Office will close every Wednesday at 11:30 for administrative time. This will allow us to process paperwork for the numerous service members PCS’ing during the summer months.

Upcoming Office Closure: The KMC Housing Office and FMS will be closed on 7 Sep 20 in observance of the holiday.

Safe Travels to you and your family from the KMC Housing Team!