What’s Happening on Base?

by Katie F. Boltuch Contributing writer

Photo by Roy Pedersen/Shutterstock.com
Photo by Roy Pedersen/Shutterstock.com

If you feel like summer is flying by and you’re still looking for things to do, do not worry. There are plenty of activities for you and your kids to get involved with on your local base.


Youth and teens can still sign up for a variety of camps with Air Force Services Youth Programs and U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Youth Programs.

Air Force Services Youth Programs offer camps up until the week before school starts. Youth can sign up for a variety of camps including, but not limited to, Technology Camp, Outdoor Adventure Camp and Escape to Africa Camp. Teen options range from Stop Motion Animation to Outdoor Cycling Adventures. There’s even a Teen Adventure Camp to German castles! For more information, visit

USAG Rheinland-Pfalz Youth Programs offer excursions for youth in grades six through 12 and are registered with Army Child, Youth and School Services. Trips to Italy and a variety of amusement parks are just a few of the remaining opportunities. For more information, visit www.Rheinland-Pfalz.ArmyMWR.com.


The Missoula Children’s Theater Camp will make its 2016 debut July 18 on Ramstein. Camp is offered to youth ages 7 through 18 years old. This summer’s production is Sleeping Beauty. To register, sign-on to www.AllPlayers.com and search under Ramstein Youth Programs. For more information, contact the Ramstein Youth Center.


Thinking of testing your creative skills? Don’t forget to stop by your local arts and crafts center.

Baumholder Arts and Crafts Center offers a variety of classes including Kids Art Class, Craft Night, Beginner Crochet and Cake Decorating! Information on dates, times and prices can be found at www.Baumholder.ArmyMWR.com.

Need to stock up on supplies? Ramstein Arts and Craft Center has you covered. While you’re there, be sure to check out some of their classes offered on matting and framing, painting and pottery. For more information, visit www.86FSS.com.

Enter the 2016 Army Arts and Crafts Contest. Entries are currently being accepted through Aug. 12. The contest is open to active-duty Soldiers, family members, retirees and Army civilians. There are 10 categories for the contest: ceramic art, digital art, drawings, fiber art, glass art, metal art, mixed media 2D, mixed media 3D, paintings and wood art. For details on how to enter, visit www.Rheinland-Pfalz.ArmyMWR.com.


If you’re more of an outdoorsy person, there are plenty of ways to stay active on base for the remainder of the summer. Try the free Geocache Challenge, offered by Ramstein Outdoor Recreation. Using the GPS coordinates posted on the Ramstein Outdoor Recreation Facebook page and at their store in the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center, you and your family can go treasure hunting while exploring the community. New coordinates are posted the first Monday of each month. For GPS rental and more information, stop by Ramstein Outdoor Recreation.

Tired of the usual fitness center classes? Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. For just $6, take advantage of summer skate hours at the Crossroads Skate Rink on Vogelweh. Hours are 1 to 4 p.m. every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through Aug. 25.

Thinking of becoming the next Jordan Speith or Tiger Woods? The Summer Junior Golf Clinic at Woodlawn Golf Course on Ramstein provides kids ages 6 to 17 years old basic skills involved with the game. Clinics run through Aug. 11 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

And in case you missed their July date, Baumholder Outdoor Recreation will reopen their paintball fields Aug. 7. Participants must be an ID cardholder and 16 or older. Registration fee is $20. Contact Baumholder Outdoor Recreation for further details.

If slow and steady is more your style, visit the Fishing Pond in Baumholder. No fishing license required. Day passes can be purchased through Baumholder Outdoor Recreation.


Take advantage of the Ramstein Aquatic Center and Baumholder Indoor Pool. Pool hours and prices vary for both facilities, but there is plenty to do for the whole family.

Swim lessons are available on both Baumholder and Ramstein. Classes run through August at both locations. Pricing and times vary based on facility. Contact the Baumholder Indoor Swimming Pool or the Ramstein Aquatic Center for more information.

Interested in exploring the deep blue sea? Learn how to scuba dive at the Ramstein Aquatic Center. The course includes a Pool and Theory Class and Open Water Class. Classes must be completed prior to earning a certificate. Cost is $475 and includes all gear and course material. For dates and times, contact the Ramstein Aquatic Center.

Lifeguard courses are also available at both Baumholder and Ramstein facilities. You must be 15 years or older to participate. Upon completion, participants will receive an American Red Cross Lifeguard certificate. Check with your respective facility for specific dates, times and pricing.