37th AS backs airdrop operations in Bosnia

The 37th Airlift Squadron supported high-altitude, low-opening airdrop operations Aug. 2 near Banja Luka, Bosnia. 

The jump included 13 U.S. jumpers from Ramstein, Royal Air Force Lakenheath and Stuttgart Air Base; and three Bosnian jumpers. Also along to observe the C-130 flight was President of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Zeljko Kosmic, and Gen. Sifet Podzic, commander of Bosnia-Herzegovina troops.

The C-130 crew included Capt. McArthur Hoglund, Capt. Jim Knaack, 1st Lt. Frank Laras, Tech. Sgt. James Pendergast, Tech. Sgt. Mike Oliver, Tech. Sgt. Jacade Hanson, Tech. Sgt. Paul Harris, Senior Airman Tim Parritt and Airman 1st Class Keith Jones.

“Everyone involved did an outstanding job,” said U.S. Ambassador Douglas McElhaney, who observed the flight from the ground.  

The training event highlighted the cooperation between the U.S. and Bosnia and Herzegovina.     

“Not only did our aircrew members receive training in a foreign airfield and drop zone and a different geographic environment, we had the opportunity to accomplish interoperability training with Bosnia-Herzegovina’s military,” said Maj. Mark “Buzz” August, 37th AS director of operations.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country on the Balkan peninsula of Southern Europe, to the south of Croatia and west of Serbia.
(Article courtesy of the 37th Airlift Squadron)