Changes coming to Kaiserslautern (KES) and Vogelweh Elementary (VES)

Parents and families of Kaiserslautern and Vogelweh Elementary,

This letter will provide you information on the changes coming to Kaiserslautern (KES) and Vogelweh Elementary (VES), including a list of the villages that will move to attend KES starting in August 2019.

As many of you are aware, in August of 2019, we will open the new VES. This is a 21st Century School learning environment with a significant focus on teacher co-planning/co-teaching and on student collaboration, communication, creative thinking and critical thinking. KES is only one year behind in this process and will also open its new 21st Century School in August of 2020. Both schools are working together now to prepare for this transition.

Because of these new school designs the capacity in both schools will change. VES must move more than 200 students to KES in August of 2019. All of these students will then permanently attend KES, including when it moves into its new facility in 2020.

Zoning changes for school year 2019-20 are as follows:

VES 2019-20: All current students that live in Vogelweh housing and walk to school & all students who ride the bus from Siegelbach, Einsiedlerhof and Kindsbach will attend VES.

KES 2019-20: All other villages and areas not listed above will attend KES

An opportunity to request to remain at one school will not be an option under regular circumstances this year. Students must attend the school that they are zoned to attend. All students will need to register for school as is standard practice each year. More information on registration will come from the schools in the spring.

We are very excited for the upcoming opportunities for students at KES and VES as they move into these incredible new learning environments. These are the first elementary schools of this kind in Europe and your students will thrive and grow as they learn together.


Europe East District Leadership