Commander’s Action Line

During a recent visit to the Ramstein Recycling Center, I found some usable computer parts readily available in the electronics recycling dumpster. However, I was informed by the attendant I could not use these items. I asked if there was a base policy or regulation that offers guidance. None could be produced. For those of us who cannot afford to purchase new equipment, but yet find a usable nut or bolt, the recycling center is the answer. I thought that is why it is called a recycling center – so that items can be reused. Can you provide any published guidance?

I appreciate your interest in our recycling program. In October 1997, we instituted new policies for the operation of our recycling centers to coincide with the transfer of recycling center operations to a contractor (prior to this date, the facilities were operated by the installation). The new policies prohibited customers from removing items from bins due to contract requirements, concerns over liability in event of an injury and an interest in securing proper reimbursement for items that have resale value such as scrap metal, electronics, used oil and batteries.

As always, we remind members and their families to segregate their materials and to think of base thrift stores and Airman’s Lockers when trying to dispose of serviceable items. Any questions you may have regarding the recycling program or KMC recycling centers can be addressed to 435th Civil Engineer Squadron at 480-5086.