Future Air Force pilot takes to the skies

Airman 1st Class Vincent Jenkins from the 1st Combat Communications Squadron took off from Ramstein’s Runway 26 Nov. 2 in a Cessna 152 aircraft provided by the Coleman Aero Club.

Jenkins is the latest recipient of the Ramstein Daedalians Aviation Incentive Flight Award, a quarterly award sponsored by the Ramstein 19th Billy Mitchell Flight of the Daedalians organization. The goal of the Aviation Incentive Flight Program is to inspire and motivate young Airmen to continue their education with the ultimate goal of applying for a commission and becoming a military aviator.

Jenkins earned his free flight by being one of the outstanding Airmen in the 1st CBCS.  

“Airman Jenkins has been a model of excellence throughout his AF career from serving as a Yellow Rope and graduating as top graduate and distinguished graduate from technical school to volunteering over 360 hours in his local community,” said Lt. Col. Keith Mueller, 1st CBCS commander. “He’s hit the ground running in Combat Comm and has already established himself as a leader among his peers.”  

Jenkins already has some undergraduate credits and intends to complete his degree requirements and apply for a commission in the Air Force with the ultimate goal of becoming an Air Force pilot.

During his one-hour flight, Jenkins performed various basic maneuvers, including slow flight, steep turns, a simulated engine failure, climbs and descents. He also flew the final approach to Runway 26 to complete his incentive flight. 

“This has definitely been an exciting experience, and I fully intend to take advantage of the educational opportunities the Air Force offers to complete my degree and get a commission in the Air Force,” Jenkins said.

“Vincent did a great job flying today,” said Lt. Col. Rich Radvanyi, the pilot for the incentive flight and the Coleman Aero Club president. “We really enjoy working together with the Ramstein Daedalians to provide this kind of opportunity for our young Airmen.”

As America’s premier fraternal organization of military pilots, the Daedalians perpetuate the legacy of Billy Mitchell and the earliest military Airmen. 

Today, the Daedalians promote aerospace education to maintain America’s freedom through air and space supremacy while encouraging young people to pursue careers in military aviation. Ramstein’s Billy Mitchell Flight continues this mission by providing scholarships to high school students and providing quarterly aviation incentive flights to deserving young Airmen.

If you are the supervisor of a sharp young Airman who is interested in pursuing a career as a military pilot, check with the Ramstein Daedalians to see how you can nominate your Airmen for this quarterly aviation incentive flight award.
You can e-mail them at Daedalians@ramstein.af.mil. 

For more information about flying in Europe and earning your own pilot’s license, check out the Coleman Aero Club website at www.colemanaeroclub.com. While you are there, take our online survey about future aero club operations in Germany.
(Courtesy of Coleman Aero Cub)