18th MP Bde. holds ceremony to memorialize fallen comrades

Story and photo by Staff Sgt. Tramel S. Garrett
18th Military Police Brigade Public Affairs

As the autumn leaves fell and the cool winds blew, Soldiers, civilians, families and friends of the 18th Military Police Brigade came together at a rededication ceremony Nov. 17 at Sembach Kaserne to honor those who gave their lives for freedom.

The brigade’s memorial recently moved from Fanari Barracks, Mannheim, Germany, to Sembach Kaserne. The ceremony solidified the movement of the 18th MP Bde. to the Sembach community.

The memorial itself is a marble pillar set within a sea of smooth white stones that hold a plaque for each of the 67 military police men and women who gave their lives in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The brigade crest sits atop the pillar as a reminder of the common bond between each of the Soldiers remembered on the memorial.

Col. Brian Bisacre, the commander of the 18th MP Bde., spoke with sincere appreciation regarding the men and women who were being memorialized.
“We vow never to forget. We remember in many ways,” Bisacre said. “It may be the black band you wear on your wrist, a dog tag you saved or a photo of a past time.”

Bisacre also acknowledged the hard work of Command Sgt. Maj. Brenda Curfman, the senior enlisted adviser of the 18th MP Bde., and the senior noncommissioned officers who were involved in the memorial’s movement to Sembach.

“A lot of hard work went into ensuring that this was done right. That work was lead by Brenda Curfman and delivered by our senior NCOs at the headquarters and headquarters company,” Bisacre said. “It is their unwritten commitment to ensure as a unit, Army and nation that our Soldiers who died in combat will never be forgotten.”

Curfman led the charge to find the precise location, which is close to the brigade headquarters and noticeable enough to get the attention of Soldiers visiting the area.

“I wanted to ensure it was a place where Soldiers who come to the headquarters would see it and visit it,” Curfman said.

Curfman said it felt great to rededicated the memorial.

“It’s the right thing to do, and I feel we owe it to the Soldiers, their families and the Soldiers who are still here that served with them,” she said. “These Soldiers fought and died for our country and we can’t ever forget.”

Bisacre and Curfman placed a wreath in front of the memorial, honoring the fallen. The wreath portrays intense green and yellow colors that represent the 18th MP Bde. under which each Soldier served.

“For a unit like ours we rededicate our memorials so we never forget the names, the Soldiers, their families, the sacrifice and the honor,” Bisacre said.