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Top 10 home care tips for housing residents

As COVID-19 restrictions change, the KMC Housing Office is dedicated to providing you with friendly reminders to help with your home responsibilities. Remember, the key is not to wait until there is an issue to do something—observation/preventive measures will go a long way when it comes to eliminating minor issues that could turn into larger ones.

These tips should assist you with caring for your home; whether you are on or off-base.


1.Remember not to hang anything from your home ceilings.

2. Please consider using the Self-Help Stores at Ramstein or Vogelweh to ensure/maintain the quality and safety of your home.

3. If you have any issues within your residence that is beyond self-help, please call Family Housing Maintenance at 06371-4639510. As residents, you are responsible for the cleanliness and everyday maintenance of your home to include changing light bulbs, replacing sink stoppers or shower hoses, cleaning stove burners and basic pest control.

4. Remember to trim your trees and bushes to a height of 4-6ft. Keep your lawns mowed and presentable. If you see something, say something. Help make our community better.

Bonus on- & off-base

5. Ventilate your house for a minimum of 30 minutes daily. Ventilating your home by opening windows helps fight household mold. Cross ventilation is necessary, so interior doors must be opened along with windows on opposing sides.


6. Are you experiencing home maintenance challenges? You should immediately talk with your landlord or call the KMC Housing Referral Office. Contact DSN 489-6643/Commercial 0631-536-6643.

7. We recommend that you perform monthly inspections of your home for routine maintenance issues. If any maintenance conditions do exist, immediately bring them to the attention of your landlord for repair/resolution.

8. Respect the off-base housing rules. Remember, German laws take precedence over U.S. laws while living in Germany.

9. If you have ceiling fans in your home, you should change the rotation of your ceiling fans twice a year to increase energy efficiency, putting less strain on your heating and cooling systems. In the summer, set the fans to rotate counter-clockwise. This method of blade rotation will pull the warm air to the ceiling instead of in your direction.

10. If you need more information, or have questions/concerns about maintenance in your home, please contact the 86th CES Housing Flight listed below: 

Housing Assistance Office:

DSN 489-6671/Commercial 0631-536-6671

Housing Referral Office:

DSN 489-6643/Commercial 0631-536-6643

Housing Facility Office:

DSN 489-7108/Commercial 0631-536-7108

Vectrus Housing Maintenance:

Commercial 06371-4639510


Commercial: Ramstein 06371-4639520/Vogelweh 0631-41403433

To provide exceptional customer service, the Housing Office will close every Wednesday at 11:30 for administrative time. This will allow us to process paperwork for the numerous service members PCSing during the summer months.

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Happy summer!